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Do not visit your neighbour too often otherwise you will out wear your welcome.
Be a reliable person so people can trust you.
Be confident, walk with your shoulders  high.
Do you know that putting a trust in an unreliable person is like chewing with a sore tooth and trying to run on a broken foot.


Do not be rough but be polished. Those who refuse knowledge are blind. 

If you apply wisdom , you shall be in charge.

Have a drive, have a vision.

If you apply wisdom, you will never fail. 

Have self control.

 A man without self control over himself is like a city whose walls are broken down.

 Be wise.




I have often time heard that marrying early especially for girls is not good.
The reason people said is that the girl in question did not have enough chance to enjoy her life before marriage.
As result, such marriage always lead to divorce .
Now, throwing back the question to you, what is the right age for a girl to get married?


Everything in life have both beginning and end.

No problem can last forever.

No challenge can stand forever.

It was first a seed and then, it became a tree.

Now, it is more than just a tree for in it lies a house.

In you lies every great things of life.

In you lies many gifts and talents.

In you lies the solution to that challenge you face.

If you hold on a little longer, the challenges you see today, you will see them no more.





Yes, it is just a tree but what can you see?
To a carpenter, it is more than just a tree but furnitures.
To another, it more than just a tree but firewood for cooking.
To another, it is not just a tree but a shelter.
Now , you know it is more than just a tree.
Everything is not considered to be the same by everyone.
To some, it is a problem.
To another, it is an opportunity.
Now you know that only you can interpret what exactly it is to you.
So, what can you see? See beyond what it looks.


Some times in life, we spend so much time busy looking at the other person wishing and hoping to be like them . If only I have  half of what belongs to him/her, I would  have… Of course there is nothing  bad in admiring someone and picking some of the good qualities in them to better your own life. Often times, you hear, I wish I am as tall as him/her, I  would have done this or that, if only I can get that exact look of the other person, I will carry myself with pride. The funny part of life is that the person you’re secretly admiring deep down wishes to be like you as well. Have you ever taken a quality time to stand In front of the mirror to admire yourself. Your first business should be taking care of yourself. You are unique and wonderfully made. In the whole world, there are no two of you and no one will everly be like you. Take a good look at that image of yours in the mirror and smile, say to yourself:

I am a success

I am intelligent

I am the best

I am beautiful/handsome

As you are talking to yourself looking at the mirror, believe yourself.

Don’t let anyone deceive you, love yourself for who you are . Be ready to accept change and make that change where necessary. You know what? You are the best.


Hello, everyone !!!

Determination is the drive, the hunger and the passion to succeed. Don’t be lazy because laziness makes someone to suffer. Do not try to cheat, don’t leave the given task half way done but have the strong desire to do the task with every strength in you. Even when you feel tired, do not stop but program your mind to finish the given task. Be determined to out do your past, be determined to help people, be determined to be strong, be determined to cause a change, be determined to be different, be determined to bring out the best in you and in others, try doing some thing new, be determined to go the extra mile, be determined to work with time and on time. Be focus, be determined to finish and finish well. Some people started something with great excitement but along the line, they burned out. When a task is committed to you, it is your responsibility  to do and conclude your given task. Don’t let anyone make you think your cant achieve anything. Believe in your ability, believe in your inner strength. Knowing that you can do all things if you try.


Have the passion to be determined because determination leads to success. Think of it.


Hello, everyone !!!

Don’t allow old habits to have dominion over you. Backward never forward ever !!! Going back to old habit, is like licking your vomit. Failure is an old habit but success is a new habit you must embrace. Someone once said to me that ” just because a child fell down while learning to walk doesn’t mean he is less human”. Just because someone else’s  did not get something right, does not mean you will fail if you try. Failure is a big disease and  an orphan but success is sweet ; it has many friends and likes. Have a new attitude , be willing  to do your best and go the extra mile. Take all you do serious. You can succeed if and only if you try one more time. Even if you fail again,try one more , one more and one more time until you succeed. If you try one more time, you will succeed.


 Hello, everyone!!!

Do you still remember the good old days when men were boys and women still girls . The good old days when we use to play in the rain. Do you still remember the good old days when you celebrated your fifth year birthday. Whaooooo , I  guess you really missed those lovely days. I know you missed those days when your mummy use to hold you by your tiny hands and take you to school in your well ironed uniform. The good old days  when you run and play in the street like no man’s business. The days of your childhood friends. Those days you use to fly kite on the street. Those days you use to drink water directly from the tap. Those days boys use to construct vehicle and boat with papers. Those days when girls use to cook soup with flowers and practice motherhood with their dolls. Hmmmm, the good old days when grand pa use to tell us stories. I missed the good old days when I had many beautiful dreams of what I want to be when I grow up. The good old days when each time I was asked what I want to be when I grow up, I usually say, I want to be a doctor, an engineer, a pilot all with the opened mind of a child. The good old when there were no sucide bombers. The good old days when you were so innocent. Oh, how I wished those days will come again. These days, things seemed to have changed but the irony of it all is that the children born now seemed happy and playful. This simply rings a bell in my heart that these days are good just like the good old days because in future, the kids of now will refer to it as “THE GOOD OLD DAYS” . So, why not make best use of today. Think of it.

The Japan Spirit

The Japanese are warm and welcoming people. Full of smiles, the Japanese people are strong and always ready to help. I call them the excellent personalities because they are full of excellent spirit. They are deligent and execute their skills effectively. Take for instance the ongoing 2014 World Cup in Brazil, despite the fact that they lost their first match, they took it upon themselves to clean part of the stands after the match. Same was repeated even after having a draw in their second match. If we all can pick our trash, leaving the place better than we met it, the world can be a great, safer and healthier place to be. Welldone   (gambatene Nippon).