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Tough times never last but tough people do

I rise and fall but still live on

Even if I fall again, I will help myself to stand

I will stand until I stand tall

I will stand until I see the sun

Tough times can not defeat me

But I was born to conquer tough times.

This is my very description.



When you walk with  the right companion you will gain knowledge

when you walk with fools, they will rub their foolishness on you

Accept criticism and improve on your weak points

Note, if you accept criticism and improve, you are on your way to fame

But if you refuse criticism , the best of you might never be seen.


It doesn’t matter where I am right now

All I know is that my best is yet to come

No matter what I have gone through

No matter what I have achieved, all I know is that my best is yet to come

I will not stop striving for excellence until my best comes

And even when my best comes

I will keep being the best until MY BEST IS BETTER BEST.


One thing you must have is a personal notebook.

Whenever an idea, thought and dream comes to you, write them in your personal notebook.

What ever thing(s) you think you can do, write them down in your notebook.

If you don’t have a notebook, you might forget all the ideas,dreams and thoughts that comes to you.

Open your notebook everyday to remind yourself of your dreams

Keep looking at those lovely dreams until they come to pass.

Now, you see the importance of a personal notebook.

Be wise.


To be rich, you must think like the rich

To win in anything in life, you must think like a champion

Who you are today is as a result of your mindset yesterday

Reprogram your mind to be the very person you want to be tomorrow.


If you fumble, you will live with the shame for the rest of your life


If you succeed, your name will be written in gold in the heart of all who sees you.

Are you going to fumble or are you going to leave a legacy?

The choice is yours.

The good fight

The good fight is that fight which you fight with yourself

Don’t under estimate anyone

Don’t over estimate anyone

But one thing is certain, face your world without fear.

Challenge yourself with the ‘ I CAN DO IT MENTALITY ‘

Fight yourself, fight your fears and conquer

If you can conquer yourself, you can conquer the world.


Things might seem difficult for you right now but I say be STRONG

You might be down but I say be STRONG

You may be discourage but I say be STRONG

Be strong for only the strong will survive

You might have fallen but I say, be STRONG

You might have been heart broken but I say please be STRONG

Be strong for only the strong will survive

You need to be strong to act again

You need to stay strong to face your fears again

You need to be strong to face your world again

Be strong for all those troubles you see have not come to stay but they all passed away

Be strong for those problems are just for a while

When you are strong then shall you conquer your fears

Remember, only the strong will survive


As an individual, what you confess about a situation matters a lot.

Confessions are the words you speak.

If you confess negatively then you will get a negative result.

If you confess positively , you will get a positive result.

Losers talk like victims.

Losers talk like slaves.

Losers are always apologetic.

Winners speak with pride.

Winners talk as champions.

Winners talk like kings.

Don’t talk according to how you feel.

Talk according to the change you want to see.


This is the beginning of your active age.
In this stage, although mistakes are allowed due to youthful exuberant ,
one must walk in wisdom in order to control the level of mistakes  made.
In the twenties is when you are still trying to choose between careers but,
no matter how much money you make or earn, try and save at least 20% of your income.
Mind you, you stand a better chance of saving more because your level of responsibility is still minimal.
Don’t rush  start a business if you are not so sure of what to do rather, discipline   yourself not to touch the money saved.
Take your time and study the market in your area of interest of business.
I tell you, before your late twenties or early thirties , you would be glad and proud of yourself as you smile to the bank.