Monthly Archives: September 2014


Keep moving.

Don’t stop for anyone.

Dare yourself.

Succeed beyond recognition .

Remember the strength and courage of a lion is not in it size

but in it HEART.


Once you have identified the area you want to

focus in life,  begin. Then the next is to be

consistent in what you do. Check out  the most

successful people in any field, one of the things

they share in common is that they are

consistent. See what I mean…. Be consistent.


Everyone have got same number of days (7 days).

Everyone have got same number of head ( one)

Everyone have got same number of weeks in a year( 52 weeks)

The same number of months in a year (12 months)

But the difference between the rich and the poor is that the

rich uses their time and their head very well but poor man does

not even know that time exist not to talk of using his head to



Happiness is far beyond facial expression.

It is more than just being a name of a person.

Some people called Happiness by name are never happy.

Happiness is a thing of the mind.

It comes from the inside and reflects on the outside until it over takes the whole body.

Learn and choose to be happy.


When no one is watching,

A lazy worker go to sleep.

when will you wake up?

his colleagues will ask him.

Let me just sleep a little longer; he will tell them.

And as he sleeps,

His boss will come and pay the diligent workers.

In no time, the lazy worker will wear “poverty” like a garment.


When the cloud be full of rain,
It empty itself on the surface of the ground.

When the sun arise,
It shines for there’s no stopping it.

When you program your mind to succeed,
You will succeed.

For no one is strong enough to stop you.
Only you can stop you.


There is no chance except you take one.

Sometimes in life, it is good to take a chance.

This might be a very hard decision to take as it involves uncertainty and probably risk.

You may never get to the next level (anywhere)if you don’t take a chance.

I took a chance by applying for a job I wasn’t sure if I was qualified for but guess what, I got the job.

Indeed, there is no chance unless you take a chance.


Pride will lead to argument .

Pride will certainly make you want to show off everything you think you own.

Pride will make you boastful.

Pride will make you arrogant and lack self-control.

Pride will make you reject help.

Be humble and seek for wisdom where necessary.

Remember, pride goes before a fall.


Learn to smile. Learn to be humble.

Learn to be friendly. Learn to listen

to others first.

Learn to render assistance to others.

Learn to give. Learn not to gossip.

Learn to be yourself.

People will appreciate you as you try

your best exhibiting this qualities.


Let’s talk about love.

In love,you hear much.

In love,you talk less.

In love,your silence shall speak for you.

Love is calm.

Love is love.

Love is caring.

Love is forgiven.

Love is now.

Forget about the tears.

Forget about the hurts.

Love is a person.

Love is the only person that declares you free even when you are guilty.

Love is in you.

There is no fear in love.

I love you.